Schedule for Genetics

Structure and Function of DNA and RNA (Stories from Eureka)

DNA Structure Eureka Science Web Site (Contains Advertisements)

Printable format:
DNA Structure Word File

Questions for DNA Structure

RNA Structure Eureka Science Web Site (Contains Advertisements)

Printable format:
RNA Structure Word File

Questions for RNA Structure

Resources/Activities for Teachers

Concept Map Directions
Genetics Concept Map
Protein Synthesis Concept Map
DNA Interactive (DNAi) (For Teachers)

DNA Tube

Postion Paper on the Hatfields and McCoys

Documentary about the Hatfields and McCoys
This project allows students to investigate how the genetic disease, VHL may or may not have resulted in the famous Hatfields vs. McCoys Feud.


Internet Sites for Mitosis and Meiosis:

Worksheet gslc Mitosis and Meiosis
Worksheet Cells Alive
Lewport Mitosis Animation Worksheet Lewport Mitosis and Meiosis
Lewport Meiosis Animation  
Mendelian Animations  


Internet Sites for Chromosomes and Karyotyping:

What is a Chromosome? Worksheet What is a Chromosome?
What is a gene? Worksheet What is a Gene?
Karyotyping Activity When you finish this inteactive activity, print your final Karyotype out and turn it in to your teacher for Lab credit.
Journey Into DNA  
Science Exhibit for DNA Analysis and Use This is a great web site for students to go to for information related to current technology and DNA basics. The site is narrated and students can listen to explanations as well as turn sound off if that is what they prefer.


Internet Sites for DNA

DNA Explorer PBS View the DNA molecule from many angles and click on the various molecules to identify the backbone of DNA, the nitrogenous bases and the hydrogen bonds.
What is DNA? Worksheet What is DNA?
DNA Website Worksheet DNA Website
DNA Replication Worksheet DNA Replication
Copying the Code

Worksheet Copying the Code
View the animations of the replication of DNA and listen to the narration.

Reading the Code

Worksheet Reading the Code
View the animations of the transcription of DNA and listen to the narration.

Protein Synthesis Worksheet Protein Synthesis
PBS Protein Synthesis Animation Interactive Lab activity on the transcription and translation of the DNA code.
Controlling the Code Worksheet Controlling the Code
DNA, Transcription and Translation Animations This site has advanced animations for genetics as well as for cells.


Internet Sites for Genetic Disorders

What is a genetic disorder? What happens in a genetic disorder? Describe this in a short essay and choose one genetic disorder to research.


Internet Sites for DNA Analysis and Biotechnology

Applications of DNA Analysis

Identification Worksheet

Recovering the Romanovs Worksheet

Genes and Medicine Worksheet

Human Origins Worksheet

Gel Electrophoresis: Sort and see the DNA Worksheet Gel Electrophoresis: Sort and see DNA
Principles of DNA Sequencing (Gel Electrophoresis) Worksheet Principles of DNA Sequencing
Gel Electrophoresis  
Materials and Set Up for DNA Sequencing (Gel Electrophoresis) Worksheet Preparing a Gel
Gel Electrophoresis and Chromotography Animation Worksheet Chromotography and Gel Electrophoresis
DNA Analysis Case (Twins) Case study, which includes questions and objectives.
Court TV Curriculum Resources Standards based curriculum in Forensics
Criminal Case Study (Sheppard) Watch the Nova film and use Resources
Model Organisms

Worksheet Model Organisms #1

Worksheet Model Organisms #2

Scientists Clone a Rare Species  


Internet Sites for Gene Therapy and Medical Applications

Human Genome

Worksheet Human Genome
Create a tour brochure of a Genetic Disorder

Gene Manipulation  
Space Doctor (Simulation of Gene Therapy)  
Dealing with the Controversy Worksheet Dealing with the Controversy
Plasmid Lab  
Case-It Software  
Harvest: Engineer a Crop  

Genetics Web Site Survey (Students)

Genetics Web Site Survey (Teachers)